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Co-Parenting Affirmation cards

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x30 Co-Parenting Affirmation Cards. - Abby Gilmore 
My girls love and adore their big family and I know it has everything to do with the science behind positive affirmations that we do most nights. I’ve designed a pack to specifically help the way we speak about what can often be an uncomfortable time. From practising Shine Affirmations every night my girls understand how to express their emotions, understand other people’s emotions and understand that no matter what they are feeling they have a family who love them and will always listen. But want to know the best part? As a parent figuring it all out along the way, I didn’t realise how much I needed these cards too. At a time in your life where your own internal dialogue and the opinions of others can be very negative, these cards will keep you on the right track by making you conscious of how you speak about the other parent in front of your kids – Master that, and you will be giving your kids the love they truly deserve.

Each card has been painted by my incredible design team, Milla and Arlo.
With so much love, energy and smiles put into creating Shine products I hope you feel the Shine, Love Abby. xox