A little story about Emaze and Co.
I'm Elicia this is my story!

August 2019 my life turned upside down, it hit me out of nowhere. I was always such a strong positive person. One night I suffered my first panic attack, from that day depression started I asked myself why? I have a beautiful husband and three beautiful children.. It wasn't until a couple of months later the universe was showing me signs of what I should be doing! Providing beautiful crystals and stones to help you, the way they helped me. I'm grateful this happened! it was part of my life journey to kick me in my backside to finally start my dream, my dream of owning my own business. I write you my story, I'm not just your crystal and stone dealer, I want you to email me if you're feeling down and alone. I'm always here to listen, you're not alone, I got you beautiful.